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Events at Santacittarama do not require booking and are free of charge. However, those wishing to stay overnight must book in advance - see Visiting for information.



11th OCTOBER:  UPASAMPADA - Bhikkhu ordination

Sunday, at 1:30 pm. Upasampada ceremony of Samanera Mahabodhi, entry into the Sangha as a bhikkhu, or fully ordained monk. All are welcome to attend, also for the food offering at the usual time of 11:00. The candidate, Samanera Mahabodhi, was previously known as Diego and is from Reggio Emilia. He joined the Santacittarama community in early 2013 and in July of last year took the novice precepts at Amaravati in the UK.

We expect to have an official photographer for the day, so we politely request everyone else to kindly refrain from taking photos during the formal part of the procedure. A quiet and collected atmosphere would be much appreciated and most supportive to the occasion.


17th OCTOBER:  Study and Practice Day

Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. In Italian. For those who already have a minimum of meditation experience. Periods of meditation, readings and discussion on the theme of "Attachment and Liberation. Please bring a contribution for the shared meal at 11 am. 


8th NOVEMBER:  KATHINA - Offerings ceremony

Sunday, 10:30am - 15:00 p.m. All are warmly welcome. KATHINA is a joyous celebration, re-affirming the mutually supportive relationship of monastic and lay Buddhists, and happens only once a year in each monastery wherever a community of monks have completed the three-month rains retreat residence. Traditionally it centres around the giving of cloth for robes, but in modern times it has also become an opportunity for offering other requisites that meet the needs of the monastery and its residents.

It is advisable to arrive by 10:30 am as the programme begins at 10:45 with the offering of rice to the Sangha on almsround, followed by a meal for all. Contributions for the meal are welcome. After a pause for clearing up, the ceremony begins in the large tent at around 13:00, with the taking of the three refuges and five precepts, followed by auspicious chanting, formal offering of cloth and requisites and a Dhamma talk.

This year Luang Por Jundee and a group of several other monks from Thailand will be our special guests.


14th NOVEMBER:  Meditation class for beginners

Saturday, 3:30-5:00 p.m. In italian. Due to space limitations it will be necessary to book in advance, preferably via email. Priority is given to those who have never previously attended such a meeting. 

21st-22nd NOVEMBER:  Residential retreat near CAGLIARI

With Ajahn Chandapalo, in Italian, at La Scogliera, Solanas (www.lascoglierasolanas.it). For information and booking: intensivovipassana@gmail.com, 334.679.5221 (19:00 - 21:00), Rita: 333.457.1030 (19:00 - 21:00). There is a limited number of places available, so please book soon, at least by 31st October.



Please note that, although every attempt will be made to follow this programme, it is planned a long time in advance and may be affected by unforeseen circumstances. To be on the safe side please check this web page a couple of weeks beforehand.


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