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project: aldo di domenico & spsk (auriemma, clemente, giannini, peiser, sisinni)


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The working drawings have now reached a sufficiently detailed stage to allow the realization of a virtual model of the project. Realistic views of the future building from various perspectives, including the inside of the large meeting hall on the upper floor, have been extrapolated from this and many of them can be viewed here.

There continue to be promising signs that the bureaucratic process is moving forward, although we are still awaiting definite news. The health authority is expected to confirm by around mid-September that the building meets the required standards. By this time the working drawings and building plans should be reaching completion, and the process of tendering for bids can begin. We should soon be able to give much more information regarding the choice of styles and materials. The plan is to use a combination of geothermal and solar power to meet energy needs, while a tank on the lower floor will collect rain water from the roof for use in the bathrooms.



A geologist, Roberto Villa, and his team of collaborators, have finished their surveying and testing of the land where the temple is to be constructed and their report of the results has been consigned to our group of architects. On the basis of this report an engineer, Francesco Accorsi, has calculated a plan for the overall structure from the foundations to the roof. This has been discussed with the team of technical experts and the plans are about to be submitted to the Public Works Office. It should then be possible to finalize the detailed design, which will be used to invite building companies to tender their bids, which should take place around the end of April. By this time the detailed architectural design - which has already begun - should be completed, and then plumbing, heating and lighting systems can be planned. If required, permits will also be sought from the Health Authority and Fire Service. In the coming days there will also be a meeting with the regional authorities to seek permission for demolishing the old storage building and workshop.



We have received the official documents pertaining to the approval by the Building Commission and the District Council for our temple project. A geologist has just begun a detailed study of the land, which involves drilling a hole to a depth of 35 metres. This is important because we are in a seismically active area, and the design of the foundations will depend on the results of this study. Once this is completed the architects can develop the detailed building specifications and then invite tenders from building companies. Everything is going according to schedule and before too long the actual work should begin. Further developments will be communicated on the News page of this website.


Santacittarama's temple project was presented to the council administration of Poggio Nativo and has been approved. The structure will fit into an area already designated as a place of religious practice, situated to the left of the blue line in the above drawing. Now begins a development phase that involves a detailed elaboration of the project in all its various aspects. The main hurdle has been overcome and now the plans needs to be assessed by the fire service, the health authority and the public works office, to ensure that various safety standards are met. First of all there will be a geological analysis of the land to be built on, and this will largely determine important choices regarding the structure. As this is a seismically active area we need to ensure that the structure will be resistant to earth tremors.

The top floor will be a large meditation hall, about 225 sq.m floor space - twice as big as the tent that we have been using the last fifteen years - at the same level as the tent and connected by a bridge. The floor below this will have a smaller multi-purpose meeting room, a library and bathrooms. A section of the same floor will have an apartment with rooms for several monks. The lowest floor contains a workshop and large storage space.

It is too early to say when work will actually begin, but around April 2014 is feasible, and the plan is to bring it to completion within two years. We will soon add information about the financial situation and how one may contribute to the project.

Project finance: A letter from our financial advisor











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