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The following are presently resident at Santacittarama monastery:


Ajahn Chandapalo, British, entered the monastic life in 1980 and was ordained 2 years later by Ajahn Sumedho at Chithurst monastery (UK). He has assisted in several monasteries in the U.K. and Switzerland as well as spending 1 year in Thailand. In 1993 he was invited to Santacittarama - then located in Sezze Romano (LT) - and has been the senior monk since 1996. Biography


Ajahn Jutindharo is a Thai disciple of Venerable Ajahn Chah. At the age of 13 he took the novice precepts, followed by full ordination at the age of 20. While still a novice he spent time at Wat Pah Nanachat (the International Monastery) in northeast Thailand where he learnt English. In 1993 he was invited to Santacittarama.


Ajahn Janthee, Thai, has been a monk for 21 years. He arrived at Santacittarama in April 2007.


Ajahn Suvaco, Thai, has been a monk for 20 years. He arrived at Santacittarama in July 2005 and has also stayed at Aruna Ratanagiri in the UK.


Ajahn Mahapanyo, an Italian from Arezzo in Tuscany, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in 2000 and received full ordination in 2004. He has also stayed at Amaravati and Hartridge monasteries in the UK.


Bhikkhu Mahabodhi, from Reggio Emilia, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in May 2013 then took the novice precepts at Amaravati in the UK in July 2014. He was inducted into the bhikkhu sangha in October 2015 at Santacittarama.


Bhikkhu Jayaviro, from near Lake Garda, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in October 2014, took the novice precepts in June 2016 and was inducted into the bhikkhu sangha in June 2018.


Samanera Santidharo, from Turin, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in April 2017, then took the novice precepts in July 2018.


Anagarika Chris, from the Marche region, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in April 2018.


Anagarika Karim, from Varese, began his monastic training at Santacittarama in June 2018.



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Meditation group contacts


Arezzo: Rodolfo

Tel: 0575-787117, cell. 329 3715815


Blog: www.lapagoda.wordpress.com


Bari: Ugo

Tel: 080/5562825 (after 5 pm)

[email protected]



Brescia - Lago di Garda: Fabrizia

Tel: 349-2945447
[email protected]



Catania: Davide

Tel: 347-1012497

[email protected]



Civitavecchia: see below


Firenze: Paola

Tel: 055-367083 (late afternoon),

[email protected]


Latina: John


[email protected]



Lucca: Alessandro

Tel: 0583/956302

[email protected]


Naples: Marina

[email protected]

Facebook group: "Gruppo Meditazione Vipassana Napoli"


Parma: Alessandro Coletta

Cell: 348-9291447

[email protected]


Pesaro: see below


Pescara: Dorian

Cell: 377-6725390

[email protected]



Cell.: 348-0998422

[email protected]



Pisa:  Luca
tel.  335-7174864
[email protected]


Pontedera (PI):  Luca
tel.  335 7174864
[email protected]

Ragusa: Roberto

Tel: 347-4994846

[email protected]


Rieti: Romeo

Tel: 0746-688220


Rimini: Erika

[email protected]


Roma: Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza (A.Me.Co.). Main teachers: Corrado Pensa e Neva Papachristou.

Tel: 06-6865148 (lun/gio: h.10-20, ven: h. 10-13). www.associazioneameco.it


Roma: Accademia Yoga di Consapevolezza
Via Orazio Vecchi 55, (Infernetto-Casalpalocco-Ostia)
tel. 329 0292488


Roma: Antonella Montano (Centro di Mindfulness, Istituto A.T. Beck)
Tel: 06-44703820
[email protected]


Roma: Mario Thanavaro

Tel: 333-5078367

Ass.ne Sinergie, via Antonio Labranca, 13
(sulla Cassia-stazione Giustiniana)

[email protected]




Roma North: Fabio Posa

Tel: 380 730 8816

[email protected]


Roma Ostia: Emmy

[email protected]


Salerno: Daniela

Tel: 328-2332878

[email protected]


Saronno (Varese): Davide Puglisi

Via Roma 149

Tel: 338-1021020


Sezze Romano (LT): Carlo Tosto

Ass. Gokohi Okuden

Tel: 338.999.3331

[email protected]


Siena: Martha

Tel: 0577/288056


Terni: "Spazio Atman"
Via XX Settembre 23
Luigi Nicolai
Tel. 340-4901249
[email protected]


Turin: [email protected]


Veneto (Venezia e Treviso): Massimo


[email protected]

Tel: 345.267.5918


Verona: Joseph

Tel: 045/8030875

[email protected]



Wish to contact others to form group 


Avellino: Michele

Cell: 333-9121033

[email protected]


L'Aquila: Dorian Di Renzo

Cell.: 348-0998422

[email protected]



Civitavecchia (RM): Paolo Bancale

Borgo Odescalchi 11, 00053 Civitavecchia RM.   Tel./Fax.: 0766-34313.


Genzano di Roma: Gianfranco

Tel: 340-6053881


Lanusei (Ogliastra): Carletto Pistis

Tel: 0782-483056

Cell: 328 2044108

[email protected]


Ravenna: Beppe

[email protected]  oppure [email protected]


Pesaro-Ancona: Stefano Bragina

Tel: 0721-456726


Rocca Di Papa: Piero

Tel: 06-9495515

[email protected] 



Community photo - 1st Jan 2008