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May 2006

Vesak Celebrations

This year we will be celebrating the Birth, Awakening and Parinibbana of the Buddha at Santacittarama on Sunday 14th of May. All are warmly welcome (see the Programme for details). 

It has long been a tradition of the Italian Buddhist Union to celebrate Vesak, together with all major Buddhist lineages, on the last weekend of May, each year in a different location. This year it will be held in Padova on the 27th and the 28th of May and several of our monks will be attending. During the week before the national Vesak there is a programme of various cultural events taking place in Padova.  It is necessary to register beforehand, at least for the weekend, as places are limited in number. See the web page: www.taracittamani.it/Vesak for further information.


Vesak at Santacittarama 2005


Dhamma Talks

With May being a special time of year for celebrating the life of the Buddha, you may like to read about him in his own words. Ajahn Tiradhammo has brought together some scriptural citations and comments on them at: http://www.forestsangha.org/tiradha3.htm

If you haven't done so already, you may be interested to read the keynote address given by Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi at the United Nations headquarters in New York, on the occasion of their first official celebration of Vesak: http://www.buddhanet.net/budmsg.htm 

Audio: Ajahn Chandapalo's second Dhamma talk (in Italian!) about his recent travels can be downloaded as an MP3 file from here


Study and practice days - 21st May, 1st July and 13th August

We don't as yet have any themes for these days - any proposals or suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!


"Casa Aruna" - the new guesthouse for women




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