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November 2006

This year's Kathina ceremony saw a huge attendance - I doubt if there have ever been so many people here at one time - and was blessed by the most glorious weather. People came from far and wide, including from the cities of Milan, Brescia, Como, Bergamo, Naples and Rome, as well as from the local area, and we had an unusually large sangha presence of nine monks. I had just got back from England with Ajahn Sawaeng, Ajahn Jutindharo returned from Thailand on the same day, and Ajahn Karuniko from Cittaviveka monastery arrived on the next. Both the Thai and Sri Lankan ambassadors and other embassy staff partecipated in the ceremony. Our gratitude goes to all those that attended, with a special mention for the dedicated supporters that helped to prepare, organise and tidy up afterwards.



Tan Gavesako has left for a brief visit to Munich and to his family in the Czech Republic, from where he will proceed to Thailand and then New Zealand. Samanera Brahmano will be going to England at the end of November to further his training at Cittaviveka Monastery for five or six months. We wish them both well on their continuing monastic journey.

We have just heard of a new monastery being developed in Ontario, Canada, by Ajahn Viradhammo, one of Ajahn Chah's earliest western disciples and co-founder of Cittaviveka in the UK and Bodhinyanarama in New Zealand. For more information see their website: www.tisarana.ca. We wish them well in their new venture.


New on the web site

The following Dhamma talks in Italian translation have recently been added to the "insegnamenti" page:

  • "Addestrarsi con tutto il cuore" di Ajahn Chah

  • "Cercare la fonte" di Ajahn Chah

  • "Profondamente semplice" di Ajahn Munindo

  • "Una questione di equilibrio" di Ajahn Candasiri

The photo page has been completely refurbished and many new photos have been added.

Dhamma in English

Many transcribed Dhamma talks and books are available from the following websites: www.amaravati.org, www.abhayagiri.org, www.fsnewsletter.net. Audio talks of various monks and nuns may be downloaded from www.dhammatalks.org.uk as MP3 files.

The latest issue of the Forest Sangha Newsletter is available at: www.fsnewsletter.amaravati.org.




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