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News for April 2014




After a particularly mild and damp winter we are already well into springtime as our three-month retreat comes to an end. Once again we have been very well supported during this time, and would like to express our gratitude to those who have made this possible, through donations, the preparing and offering of food and taking care of the kitchen. We have now returned to our usual routine and are no longer keeping silence, so please do feel welcome to visit us, either for the events listed in the programme below or for the 5 pm tea and 7:30 evening meditation, any day except for Monday.

Ajahn Tiradhammo, a Canadian disciple of Ajahn Chah, is here for a short visit. He was the founding abbot of Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland and, until recently, abbot of Bodhinyanarama Monastery near Wellington in New Zealand. Two books of his talks in English can be downloaded from the fsbooks.org website and some talks in Italian translation from this page.

Ajahn Jutindharo is in residence again after several months in Thailand. Shortly before returning he was able to preside over the funeral of his father, who died peacefully on his 78th birthday, and to attend the funeral in Bangkok of Somdet Buddhajahn, abbot of Wat Saket and acting head of the Thai Sangha.

We will soon have two more anagarikas: Maurizio from Rome and Michel from Lugano in Switzerland. Many will remember Maurizio from when he spent several months with us while still a novice in the Tibetan tradition a couple of years ago. Michel has been here during the winter retreat. We will then have 4 anagarikas for a while, although in May - after Vesak - Diego will move to Amaravati in the UK for several months, to continue his training there.



As yet there is no starting date for the building project, but it is likely to be in the next few months so we are beginning to prepare for this. One of the first things that needs to be done is to empty out the large storage building and workshop that we have always called the cantina and will eventually be demolished. Much of what is in storage is no longer needed and can be given away or disposed of, and we are seeking advice about this. If anybody knows about recycling opportunities, particularly with regard to computers and other electrical equipment, please do let us know. We are beginning to look for a storage facility for the duration of the building project, mainly for the large amount of books that have accumulated. If anybody living reasonably close to the monastery has some space available, or knows of a facility or space that could be rented, we would be grateful for this information.

Another important way of helping is through donations. All contributions, no matter how modest, will be appreciated. A project such as this requires substantial funding and is entirely dependent on freewill donations, of varying amounts, from a large number of people. It is now possible to declare donations to the monastery for the purpose of tax deduction. For more information on this, on the financial situation and on how to contribute, see this page: Temple Project Finance.



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