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News for August 2012

Santacittarama has seen a steady flow of visitors over the last few months, including several monks from our international family of monasteries. Most recently Ajahn Khemasiri, the abbot of Dhammapala monastery in Switzerland, came for a few days with a group of about twenty mostly Thais and several Swiss. They arrived in time to join in at the end of the Asalha Puja celebrations, then had a short meditation retreat as well as taking the opportunity for some sight-seeing. They also made a very generous donation towards the temple project, for which we aim to have a definitive plan for submission for approval by the beginning of next year.

Earlier in the summer we were very pleased to host three senior Thai disciples of Luang Por Chah - Luang Pors Boonchoo, Kum and Damrong - for about two weeks. There presence was particularly appreciated for the upasampada - bhikkhu acceptance ceremony - which was held on Ajahn Chah's birthday. This was the first upasampada to be held at Santacittarama and so an historic occasion. The candidate, a young man from Latina - Samanera Kovido - was accepted into the ghigher

trainingh and is now known as Bhikkhu Kovido. A large number of friends and supporters came to witness what was a very moving ceremony. A short video of the event can be viewed here: Upasampada

Once again it is the time of year when Buddhist monks the world over take a vow of stability for the three month period that corresponds to the monsoon season in Asia. This year at Santacittarama we will have six bhikkhus and one anagarika in residence. Tan Mahapanyo is taking the allowed option to begin one month late, as he is presently spending 40 days on personal retreat in a quiet country setting in the Emilia Romagna region. Ajahn Jutindharo has gone for the whole three month period to our mountain hermitage, Santaloka, in Valle d'Aosta, and will be returning before the Kathina ceremony.

Summer is always a busy time at Santacittarama, and we are expecting numerous guests and daytime visitors. For the rest of the summer our accommodation is already virtually completely booked, then on 17th September we begin a month-long silent retreat for the resident community, during which time it will not be possible to stay overnight.

All good wishes for a pleasant and peaceful summer!




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