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News for May 2014




Sangha Gathering UK
Most of the monks from Santacittarama will be taking part in a large Sangha gathering at Amaravati monastery in the UK during the last week of May. Abbots and senior monks from monasteries in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and other European countries will participate and Luang Por Sumedho will also be present. Ajahn Mahapanyo will remain at Santacittarama with the anagarikas, except for Diego who is to stay on for several months at Amaravati.


Ajahn Pasanno visit
We are pleased to be welcoming Ajahn Pasanno for a few days in early June on his first visit to Santacittarama. Ajahn Pasanno is originally from Manitoba in Canada and for many years was the abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat, the international monastery in the North-East of Thailand. Since moving to California in 1990 he has been the abbot of Abhayagiri monastery. He has kindly offered to give a talk here on Saturday 7th June.


Ajahn Tiradhammo's blog
We enjoyed the company of another senior Canadian monk, Ajahn Tiradhammo, for several weeks over March and April. He has written a piece in his blog about his stay in Italy, at this address:


Catania Temple Opening
Our friends in Catania would like to extend an invitation to the inauguration of their new temple on 1st June. See here for information:


Meditation and neuroscience
Antonino Raffone, professor of psychology at Rome's La Sapienza University, has kindly written an article for us on the neuroscience of Buddhist meditation, including a review of a study that our monks have participated in. It is available, in Italian, from here: 



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