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News for November 2012

The three-month so-called rainy-season retreat finished a few days ago, just as the rains began to fall after a long hot dry summer. It is now the Kathina alms-giving season and our ceremony takes place on Sunday 11th November. All are warmly invited. Pray for fine weather but be sure to wear warm clothes and bring an umbrella.

One thing that you will surely notice when you next come to the monastery, is what has happened to what was our largest fig tree, just outside the kitchen. It looks as though it has been very violently pruned. A few days ago, under the pressure of a violent rain storm, the whole tree keeled right over. As many of the roots came out still attached to the tree, we have managed to replant it after cutting away most of the branches and hauling it upright. It remains to be seen whether or not it will survive, but at least we can say that we have done our best! Apart from providing abundant fruit it also offered much welcome shade in the summer. It featured in our calendar of 2005, together with Ajahn Chandapalo and Don Santo, who were enjoying a cup of tea in its shadow. Here is the photo:




Ajahn Jutindharo has returned from his three-month stay at Santaloka, our high-altitude hermitage in Valle d'Aosta, having much appreciated the solitude, healthy mountain air and generous support. A Thai monk called Ven. Suvijano who has been living at Amaravati Monastery is visiting for several weeks. Shortly after the Kathina Ven. Aruno is due to arrive for a year-long stay. He is originally from Siena and started monastic life at Santacittarama as anagarika Gianni and then moved to England where he ordained and has been training for the last two years at Chithurst Monastery. We will then have three Italian monks in residence - actually four counting Ajahn Jutindharo, who has both Thai and Italian citizenship.

Ajahn Chandapalo will be in the UK from 12th - 25th November, at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery, where there will be a bi-annual meeting of senior monks and nuns, and in York visiting his mother. He will also be away 16th - 27th December, for a brief visit to the new Vihara in Lisbon (www.mosteirobudista.com) and for a few days in the UK.



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