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June visit of Thai monks and bhikkhu ordination

From the 8th till the 18th of June we will be hosting a group of five Thai monks that is visiting most of our European monasteries. Three of the monks are elderly and senior disciples of Ajahn Chah. They will be with us on the occasion of Luang Por Chah's birthday, 17th June, when we will be having our first upasampada, or bhikkhu ordination. Our Italian novice, Samanera Kovido, will be accepted into the bhikkhu sangha as a fully ordained monk on that day.

This is a very auspicious occasion, our first upasampada to take place in Italy, and all are welcome to witness the event. As usual there will be the food offering at 11:00 am, and the formal ceremony will begin at 1:30 pm.

During the visit of these monks - 8th - 18th June - we will be unable to offer hospitality as all the accommodation will be needed.





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