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Update on visit of Thai monks and bhikkhu ordination

Our visiting Thai monks have arrived, after several weeks spent in the UK monasteries, and seem to be appreciating the Italian summer. Only one of the five has not been here before - Luang Por Boonchoo - the most elderly of the group and among the first disciples of Luang Por Chah. He and Luang Por Kum, who first visited in the early days of Santacittarama in its present location, have both been monks for 50 years. Luang Por Damrong is also here on his second visit and has spent almost as many years in robes as the other two. All three are abbots of important branches of Wat Pah Pong, the main monastery founded by Luang Por Chah. Two younger but well-known and respected monks Ajahn Meng and Ajahn Moshe are accompanying them.

We are now preparing for the upasampada bhikkhu ordination which is to take place this Sunday, 17th June, the main ceremony beginning at 13:30, and all are welcome to attend. This is our first such event and, as far as we know, the first Italian to be accepted into the bhikkhu sangha on Italian soil. Samanera Kovido is from Latina and has been training as an anagarika and then as a novice for nearly three years.

We will have an official photographer for the day, who has kindly offered to make his pictures freely available, so we would ask everyone else to please refrain from taking photos during the formal part of the procedure. A quiet and collected atmosphere would be much appreciated and be most supportive to the occasion.





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